Overload Gaming Half-Life 2 Roleplay

Overload Gaming Half-Life 2 Roleplay will be re-released on 28th of September, 2014. For more information look below.


All Overload-Gaming characters are being transferred over to the new server, all donations will be transferred over, however they will be subject to modification as the system has been balanced. For more information regarding persistance and how your character may be affected, check below.

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Many staff members have been balanced out to a rank which is more appropriate for the range of power (Super-Administrators are directors only). Aswell as this, roleplay reforms have been undertaken for systems such as Metropolice, Citizens, 'Resistance' and Civil Worker's Union. For more info, check below.

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Overload Gaming will be deploying a new system where we will bring out significant updates every 1 - 3 weeks for the server to include content. Overload Gaming will include suggestions which are deemed appropriate, this does not mean we will not hot-fix bugs when needed. For more info, click below.

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